Friday, January 2, 2015

Become a Published Author

Take a good look around you. Have you ever noticed how authors sort of seem to have that “strut” factor? I like to call it confidence. They tend to carry themselves a little bit differently because people perceive them as different. It’s not ego. It’s the knowledge that they are viewed differently because they are the expert in their field.

Credibility and esteem are what give authors this little “strut” factor. This is an invaluable tool which can translate into multitudes of $$$. Remember that when your customers trust their source, it makes it possible for them to make important decisions in their business.

The trust and authority granted to authors is already pre-formed in the minds of the media and the public. It’s all about the new opportunities, the previously closed doors opening and the superior business relationships.

Think about it: would you rather work with an “Average Joe,” or an “Author/Expert?” Of course you’d rather do business with the expert! So would the majority of the population. Writing a book will allow you to STAND OUT from your competition….and put you at the level of all the other leaders that you have admired.

Once your potential customers realize that you are a published expert, they will be ready to work with you.

Very few authors actually write their books for the money. Most just want to get their idea or their story out there. Unless you are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Nora Roberts, you’re not going to make money from your book.  In the real world of book writing, the actual purpose isn’t the book. It’s all about what the book will do for you. It’s all about the new opportunities that will be created, as well as all the doors that will finally open for you.

Let’s look at some of the benefits from becoming a published author:
       New-found respect and admiration
       Personal satisfaction
       Enhanced credibility
       Expert status with your customers
       New customer surge due to your increased credibility
       Businesses, opportunities, and people will naturally seek you out
       High sense of accomplishment
       Newfound connections and increased earnings

Being an author affords you the opportunity of getting every customer you meet as a client. You’ll profit from being an author for your entire life.

And no one can take that away from you.

The Go-To Expert In Your Field

In order to build a solid business that is recession proof, one must establish themselves as the ‘go-to expert’ for their niche. One of the best ways I know to accomplish this is by writing a book; especially a book that targets your market.

Who doesn’t love to find the easy customer who is ready to buy the instant they walk through the door? In reality, the majority of customers need days, or even weeks of gathering information before they make any kind of a decision.

If you can find a way to become a part of your prospects’ decision making process when they are searching for information, you will become the expert they learn to rely on. Once you become their familiar expert the price haggling stops, and prospects call or come into your business… ready to purchase.

One of the fastest ways to build instant credibility with your target market is to write a book. Writing a book to educate and help your target market automatically gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. So while your competitors are wasting thousands of dollars on useless newspaper, radio and television ads that are no longer effective, you will be quietly building yourself a loyal following of premium customers. Prospects, who actually care about reputable businesses and well-known owners, are the kind of quality buyers you can build your business on.

Writing a book also has many other side benefits. For starters, local media outlets love business owners who publish books and educational materials for the local market.

Secondly, you get the fame and celebrity status in your marketplace which brings other opportunities because you have done something that most other business owners refuse to invest the time to do.
When it comes down to actually writing your book you can hire a ghostwriter to write a hundred page book for you, or you can spend a couple of months (usually six months to several years) writing it yourself.

What is a ghost writer? A ghostwriter is a writer that you would hire to write a book. But, you would have exclusive rights to say that you are the author. In my opinion, you are better off hiring a ghostwriter who knows your industry to write your book because you can reap the benefits of being a published author in a matter of weeks, instead of waiting months or years while you personally write your book.

The bottom line is this: being a published author automatically makes you an expert. If you want an advantage over your competitors, then become a published author and brand yourself as the business expert in your niche.

There is no greater branding, or client enticement, than being a published author.



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