Thursday, January 22, 2015

Getting Private With Public Relations - Making Contact - Part 7 of 12

Whether you are sending products, press kits, or new releases, the most important element in getting them publicized is to send it to the right person. If it doesn't reach that person's desk, it may well end up in the wastebasket.

When you decide on the media market you want to publicize in, contact the people who will make it happen. On a local level, a small town newspaper will have features on the editor, or a specific person who takes care of the notice you want to place. Call up the publication and get that person's name. Speak briefly and say you'll send in a notice.

A large metropolitan newspaper is a busy place. Consider the section you'll want your story to appear in. Many newspapers have entertainment, travel, business, sports, and food sections. Contact the editor.

Editors rarely have time to talk to strangers soliciting publicity, so you might try talking to the assistant. Speak briefly, introduce yourself, and say you'll send in a release.

For radio messages, contact the program director or assistant. Make as many telephone calls as needed to be sure you have the correct name of the person to send your releases to.
Television programming directors may be more difficult to reach, so use perseverance. With active pursuit you can get a message through to anyone.

The easiest connection for promoting a new product is with the editors of trade magazines or with national magazines that have a new product selection. You may want to send a sample, or at least a photograph or a drawing of the product. And, you need to include all pertinent facts and features.

Magazine editors can also be difficult to reach, but try. If you can speak directly to the person who handles new products, try it. If not, be sure to contact the person who does handle the feature angle that you have chosen.

As soon as you have contacted the right person to use your material, send it out immediately. If you have arranged a personal appointment, follow up with a short note that confirms date and time. A few days after you send out your materials, call that person again. Simply ask if the information was received; don't push for a comment to run the release. By pointing attention to the materials, you have a better chance.



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