Thursday, January 15, 2015

Getting Private With Public Relations - Where to Publicize - Part 4 of 12

Depending on the product, you will have a full gamut of possibilities for advertising without paying - free publicity. Deciding on the type of media is as important as knowing your product and the people who buy.

As a manufacturer, you want to let retailers know of your product. The trade magazines would be a good place for new products and comparisons of product reliability.

If you want to publicize directly to the general public, national publications, metropolitan newspapers and Sunday supplements are ways to tap into the market.

For a local enterprise, either a profitable business or a charity or community service, the local newspapers are the best places for free publicity.

Once your product or news is of national importance, the television and radio can be good sources of publicity. Even the local public stations produce interesting shows about local people and products.
For international significance, the newspaper syndicates and wire services provide the publicity you'll need.

Don't go for the biggest first; move up to the larger markets. Start with the local news, then expand as your product interest grows.



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