Monday, January 19, 2015

Getting Private With Public Relations - Your Best Angle - Part 6 of 12

What is unusual about your product or service that can become newsworthy? Even if nothing stands out at first, you'll find you can think of several angles that are worthwhile from a publicity point of view.

What about anecdotes? Failure stories can be as entertaining as success tales. How people have trouble getting their business off the ground can be newsworthy.

And don't forget simple endurance. A business that's been profitable for twenty-five years is a sure bet for the local papers.

If you want to publicize an event, consider the radius of the participants. A national trade convention should receive national interest in magazines and publications geared towards that particular industry. More local events can be publicized in metropolitan newspapers. The most local neighborhood events can be publicized by flyers and notices, or through the schools.

Look for common trends in your product or service. Think often about what makes it different from other thousands of products and services. Make lists. List the features of what you want to publicize; list the people who use the product or service; list why people use it.

What do you come up with? Do more young people use it? Do more women, or members of special groups? You may use an angle of publicizing a person not in your typical consumer group purchasing or using your product or service.

The most important consideration in choosing an angle is to make your item newsworthy so that the editor of the publication will print it.



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