Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mail Monthly Offers To Your Past Prospects and Leads

Mailing monthly offers to your past prospects and leads must become as natural to you as breathing and eating. In an earlier chapter I presented the reasons why you should collect your prospects contact information, but collecting the contact information and getting sales from your list of prospects are two different things.

With this strategy, you can choose to include the offer in your newsletter like the previous chapter mentioned or you can send the offer separately. However, don't get stuck in procrastination mode debating what would work better, newsletter or separate offer. Just be sure to mail something every month.

Now, when you begin to consistently implement this strategy, you will begin to get a consistent and predictable flow of buying customers in your business. I'm always surprised at business owners who think that they can make a reliable, consistent income based solely on referral business alone. Sure, getting referrals is great, but do you really control that process? No, of course not. However, when you mail your list, you can control the offer you are presenting to your list of prospects and past customers. You can even choose the day that you want your mail piece to go out to them, so in my experience it' is much better when a business owner controls your own success. So, to start you must hire a professional copywriter or personally create a series of sales, promotions and ads that you can use to automatically send out emails, postcards or letters to your prospects. You want them to think of your business when they are ready to make their purchase.

Your monthly mailers to your list of prospects and leads could be newsletters, coupons, informational booklets, emails and more. The only requirement you must meet with whatever you're mailing out is that it must be effective at generating sales and making you money. You are not trying to build a brand, because building a brand doesn't pay the mortgage. Only closing sales and generating profits and depositing money in your bank account pays the mortgage.



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