Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Creating A Success Mindset - Part 1

Let’s start by answering the following questions:

1.     Who am I?
2.     What is it I'm trying to accomplish?
3.     Am I willing to do the work required?
4.     Most importantly, why do I want to do what I plan on doing?

Why are these questions so important? Because no one is going to treat you like an expert until you act like an expert, talk like an expert, and think like an expert.

We are now living in the “age of reputation.”  Everywhere we go we hear about reputation management, branding, image, authority, trust, and platform. These catchwords refer in one way or another to “what does my customer think of me?”

Declare your expertise...

If you're struggling to build a targeted list, command higher prices, get more referrals, attract JV partners or earn leveraged income, then I'm willing to bet that the lack of being a clear expert in your niche is your biggest problem.

I'm continually astounded by the number of expert entrepreneurs who shun the title ‘expert’ or ‘guru’ and say to me “but I'm not an expert yet.”

I'm not sure what they're waiting for. Maybe a lightning bolt from the sky or a visit from the expert ferry to waive her magic wand and declare them as experts.

It’s time to declare your expert status. It's time to claim your space as an authority in your niche. If not now, then when!

  • Do you have a specialized knowledge or experience?
  • Have you studied or mastered a single subject?
  • Do you have a proven system or method that consistently produces results for your clients?
IF you’ve answered ‘YES’ to these questions, then you are an expert.

Own your expertise and declare it everywhere that you can. High-paying clients want to work with the expert.

Your ideal clients intentionally narrow their choices to those who are on top. They want to do business with the expert. This is the X factor, the reason why even if you have a better product at a lower price, the majority of the sales continue to go to the recognized expert in your niche.

The reason for this is that prestige-biased learning is a very general strategy that is targeted at successful role models, rather than specific traits. This is precisely what makes it such a powerful and flexible tool - because the traits that make someone successful will vary significantly in different environments, so it makes sense to copy whoever happens to be doing best at a particular time and place.
The Importance of Building Your Own Personal Brand
It's not only celebrities who have their own personal brand. As the Web gets increasingly more social, it's essential for everyone to take branding into consideration. Just like products and services, your personal brand tells everybody about your unique characteristics. Here's why it's so important:
Branding Builds Trust
When you've successfully built a personal brand, your customers and fans will better understand why you do what you do. This engenders trust and credibility, which are both essential. When people know and trust you, they're more comfortable dealing with you and more likely to buy your products or services.
The Real You
On social media, everybody loves people who are 'real.' They're not into the sales talk or corporate image. Branding tells people not just what you do but what you stand for, which is even more important. Your brand vision is what stays in people's minds; not the specific goods that you offer.
Perceived Value
People respond emotionally to brands, much more so than to products or benefits. When you're well-branded, you have a name in your industry. You're seen as a key player, and this raises your value in your customers' eyes. This also means you can charge more for your services.

Your Edge
Your personal brand helps you beat the competition by showing the unique things that you offer. The competition may win in other areas, but they can't compete with your unique natural qualities. Branding helps you carve out your own special niche in the marketplace.

Image Control
You've got a personal brand whether you realize it or not. Your personal brand is your reputation. Are you in control of it? When you handle your own branding, you can take control. This allows you to better deal with attacks or negative comments about you.

Build a Buzz
If you brand well, you can get a buzz going. Your name gets passed around by your happy customers and fans, and this means that you get more business through referrals. Branding has a kind of snowball effect if you do it right.
Job Security
Job security is almost non-existent today and your personal brand protects you against economic problems. Even if you work for a big corporation, you’re a company of one. And, just like a company of many, your branding keeps you alive. If you’re a freelancer, it's a key element to survival.

So how do you get started building your own brand? A good place to start is to look at other successful personal brands in your industry. Follow them on social media or check out their websites. What sets them apart? What's their brand message? How do you feel about them? Look at all of the different ways they create their personal brand and take lessons from them. You can apply these techniques to building your own personal brand.



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