Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To Make Money With The Phone

Are you aware that you are probably losing a lot money every single day? How, you ask? By not having a proven and powerful phone answering script that's designed to capture your customers contact information or ask them to make a purchase over the phone, that's how. 

Let me prove it to you. When someone calls your business asking for directions to your location, what do you give them? Directions, of course. When a customer calls and asks you the price for delivery, what do you give them? Delivery price, of course. Well, do you know if and when that person on the phone is planning on coming into your business? Do you know if they are even planning to come into your business at all? The answer is probably not.

However, what if you offered incoming phone call prospects the option to take advantage of the special sale you are having for today only for 5% - 10% off for first-time buyers, if they come to your business today to make a purchase. Do you think that would give them an incentive to come into your business today? What about offering to put them on a mailing list for the next big promotions or sale that you are having? See, your priorities for every incoming phone call you receive from a prospect should be the following:

  • Collect their name, phone and email address so you can add them to your follow-up campaign.
  • Record the reason why they are calling as well as the products and services they are interested in, so you know what your marketplace wants.
  • If you have a product you can sell, offer them the option to purchase by phone, if they already know what they want.
  • Get them to commit to coming into your business today by setting an appointment.
If you are truly seeking profitable success with your incoming phone calls, it is also important that you select and train the best staff person to answer your phone. I am fairly confident that you have someone on your staff that sounds nice, pleasant and professional on the phone and truly enjoys talking to customers. This is the type of person you want answering your phones on a daily basis. With a proven script, you will be surprised at how many prospects will give you a chance to earn their business simply because someone spoke nicely to them, captured their contact information and set an appointment.

You also will want to train this staff person to follow-up on outgoing calls to prospects and leads that are in your marketing funnel. Sometimes prospects just need to know that someone cares enough about their needs and wants, to make a little extra effort. This simple little strategy has paid huge rewards over the years for my clients, and it doesn't cost you one extra penny.



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