Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mail Monthly Newsletters To Prospects and Mail Quarterly Newsletters To Past Customers

Most business owners usually remember to run ads once in a while, but only a select few choose to mail out a quarterly or monthly newsletter to past customers and prospects. This simple little strategy has been responsible for billions of dollars in profits for small business owners who choose to actually use this strategy in their business. Those who do not use this strategy, often wonder why their customers never come back to purchase from them after many hours of building rapport.

Using monthly or quarterly newsletters can literally mean the difference between struggling to pay your lease or mortgage each month and making a nice little profit on a slow month.

See, the truth is, no matter how much rapport you may have built with a prospect or customer at the time they were in your office or on the phone with you, the minute they walk out the door, anything and everything is fighting for their attention. They have spouses, children, jobs, relatives, vacations, shopping etc. They may have the best motives and intentions when you talk to them, but the longer you wait to follow up with them, the more they forget you.

Have you ever ran into a prospect or past customer at the grocery  business or out in your local community who you felt should have really come back to buy from you, but when you ask them what ever happened, they tell you they bought it somewhere else? How did that make you feel? Well, why does that happen? Most of the time it happens because salespeople forget to follow up and you don't have a system in place to make sure that prospects never forget you.

You should be mailing out a promotional or educational/informative piece of literature to your prospects at least once a month or every two weeks. If you are not doing this, then you are losing money left and right to your competitors. However, your newsletter or promotional ad should be written to generate sales, not boring and stale. The only way to make sure that your newsletter or monthly marketing piece is good is by learning to be a good copywriter or using proven mail pieces and articles which are already proven to work or.

When it comes to sending your past customers your newsletter, you should quarterly and should focus on generating referrals and highlighting your loyalty rewards program. You should also put a promotion in your newsletter that rewards your past customers for coming in and purchasing additional products and services from you.



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