Monday, December 8, 2014

Transform Your Customer Receipts Into More Sales

When you go to the grocery  business have you ever noticed that your receipts have coupons on them? Okay, the truth is that most men don't notice those types of things, but with women it is a different story. They collect the coupons so they can use them on their next purchase, but in reality those coupons are just receipts with an offer printed on them. Also, have you ever noticed when you go to a fast food restaurant that they offer to enter your name into a monthly drawing for a one thousand dollar prize if you call into a special number and leave your opinion and feedback.

Have you ever taken the time to think about these things from a business owner's point of view? The reason why these companies use these strategies is because these strategies generate more sales and profits. Grocery stores have been using this strategy for many years because their customers are accustomed to saving coupons and purchasing items which are on sale. The reason why businesses collect customer opinions and feedback is because it allows them to keep their pulse on the rapid changes in the marketplace, while also allowing them to see the areas of their business they need to improve or change.

However, most other businesses have yet to catch on to this profitable strategy. In fact, many business owners in other industries that hire me have never even considered the possibility of having a mini-ad, discount or coupon printed on their sales receipts. You can even have your refer-a-friend rewards program ad on the receipt. This transforms a useless piece of paper into a money-generating magnet, just by making a simple change.

You can also put an ad on your receipts highlighting your testimonial or customer feedback phone number. To do this just call your phone service provider and let them know that you want a voicemail only phone number. This extra voicemail phone number may only costs five or ten bucks a month, but the advantage is tremendous. By using this technique, you discover exactly what your customers want and their view of how their experience went. Once you get the testimonial, you can now use that in all your other advertising to prove to prospects that you are the best option in your market place which provides social proof that you are a leader in your industry.



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