Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Create A Series Of Informative Workshops, Classes Or Events To Attract Prospects

One of the easiest ways to instantly generate profits and sales is to piggy-back off other successful ideas and strategies. When you ride the coat tails of other successful trends, you eliminate the learning curve and create instant success. Many financial advisors, money managers and even home supply stores like Home Depot and Loews have been using the strategy of hosting workshops, classes and events for their prospects and customers for many years and it's a big lead generator for them. Many of their classes are booked to capacity and customers and prospects love it.

That's why I highly recommend creating your own type of lead generating and credibility-building workshops,  classes or events. As long as you are creating relevant content that your prospects find valuable, easy to implement and entertaining, you will find this to be a successful strategy.

So, the first step is deciding how often you want to offer your workshops. My advice is to have a workshop at least once per month. This allows your prospects to develop a relationship with you while also building your credibility in the eyes of your marketplace. Secondly, decide how long you want your workshops to last. The best length for most businesses would range from sixty to ninety minutes. Once you decide that, then you can begin putting together a outline of the type of information that you would want to give away to your prospects in your workshops. You can choose from several various formats for your workshop. Here are some examples:

  • Question & Answer
  • Interview The Expert
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Product Demonstration

Regardless of the format that you choose, just be sure that the content is relevant, useful and fairly fresh to your marketplace.

 After you decide the frequency, length and format of your workshops, the next step is deciding the location and delivery method. There are several different formats you can use to do this depending on your business model. Here are some examples:

  • Video – Buy a inexpensive video recorder and film yourself doing your workshop. Then, use a service like Youtube.com to post your video to a special page on your website. Remember to advertise your online video workshop in your regular marketing efforts.

  • In-office/Store/Warehouse/Factory Presentations – This is when you have the prospects come to your business location to listen and watch your informative presentation.

  • Teleseminars – With this strategy you get a teleconference phone number and have prospects call in on a certain day and time.

  • Audio CD – You can record your workshop using software on your computer and then burn copies to a disc. Then, mail them out to your list of prospects.

  • Webinars – You can use a service that records your computer screen while you are providing information using a PowerPoint slide presentation.
It's important to remember that this strategy can only be effective if you advertise them aggressively and if your content is relevant to your marketplace. The other good thing about this strategy is that you can really attract the attention of the local media by submitting regularly scheduled press releases and doing email campaigns and feature spots in your monthly and quarterly newsletters for your workshop, class or event. All in all, you can really generate some massive publicity and quality leads by implementing this strategy.



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