Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dialing For Dollars: Using Telemarketing To Grow Your Business

In a previous chapter I revealed several ways that you or your staff can increase your sales, appointments and overall sale opportunities by changing the way you answer your business phone. In this chapter, I will discuss the tried and true method of generating prospects and customers using telemarketing. In recent years, telemarketing has gotten a bad reputation because of a few bad companies misusing the technique; however, it is still a very effective marketing strategy when used properly.

There are three important parts to effectively using telemarketing to generate business. The first important key to your success with telemarketing is your list of prospects that you are calling. Your success using this strategy is directly determined by your ability to contact the right type of prospect in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to use your current customer receipts and surveys to discover all of the information about your best customers. Then you can use that information to compile a customer profile. After you have created a customer profile, then it is time to create your list. This can be done by calling a company like Infousa.com or Usadata.com and asking them to compile a list of prospects who match the same criteria as your ideal customer profile.

 Once you have a list of prospects to call, then your next step is to create an effective phone script. However, in order to create an effective phone script, you have to determine what the goal of your sales call will be. You can choose to write a phone script that sells your product over the phone or you can use the phone script to set appointments for prospect's to come into your business. After you determine the goal of your phone call, then you need to record or write down the transcript of a face-to-face presentation that you or your sales staff has recently conducted. This will allow you to use a proven sales script when you are on the phone with prospects.

 The last step in an effective telemarketing campaign is your ability and willingness to follow up with your prospects on a regular basis. When it comes to telemarketing, you must be willing to call weekly, monthly or even daily in some cases in order to have a chance to earn their business.
Following these three key ingredients will give your telemarketing campaign a great chance for success. Without using the key ingredients I listed for you, your telemarketing campaign will most likely be doomed to fail before you even begin. If done properly, telemarketing could be another tool that you have in your arsenal that can help drive prospects into your business.



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