Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Transform Your Customers Into Walking Billboards For Your Business

Whenever someone makes a new purchase, one of the first things they do is brag to their family, friends and neighbors. Your goal in using this strategy is to tap into that excitement and leverage it to create new customers. I like to call this strategy the radius marketing strategy. By using the radius marketing strategy, you can capture that excitement and gain access to new customers. Secondly, most people tend to have friends with similar interests who live in the same neighborhoods. So, when you have a customer who comes into your business and makes a purchase, chances are that their neighborhood is filled with other prospects that would also be able to afford and appreciate your products or services.

In order to use this strategy, you simply take the address of a recent customer and draw an imaginary circle around their house which represents an actual distance of five blocks to ten blocks.  Once you have your circle drawn, then you mail out a campaign to those prospects inside of your circle, because those are the neighbors of your current customer. The theme of the campaign is focused around teasing your prospects by revealing that someone in their neighborhood bought from you, so they should as well. You will also offer them a special neighborhood discount because they live in the same area as a current customer. You can map out the addresses close to your current customer and mail them automatically online at the website of the United States Parcel Service.

Let's examine a campaign:

  • Customer purchases from you, so you go online and purchase a list of addresses of their neighbors.

  • Write, create or purchase a series of three to seven mailers consisting of postcards, letters and discount coupons.

  • Provide information on your mailers that direct the prospects to a special website specifically designed for neighbors of current customers to capture their email address and offer an incentive to get prospects to set an appointment to visit your business.

  • Use a professional printer or online service to schedule your series of mailers to go out automatically to the neighbors of your most recent customers.



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