Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let The Media Make You A Celebrity - Start Your Own Internet Radio Show & Podcast - Part 2 of 3

This is an advanced strategy, but if you have the willingness to learn new things, then you can implement this strategy into your business and make huge profits from the fame.

While advertising on the radio can be profitable, it can become extremely expensive if you try to increase your marketing campaign too quickly. There is a way to avoid those costs altogether, and become famous, too.

For the smart business owner, the future of free publicity strategies is internet radio shows. This may come as a total shock to you, but there are internet radio websites which allow you to start your own internet radio show for free.

Websites like Blogtalkradio.com and Shoutcast.com allow anyone who has a computer and microphone to create their own radio show. This means you can become an overnight star if you have the talent and ability to put together a program and event on a fairly consistent basis.

The benefit of starting your own internet radio show is that you do not have to pay for radio air-time and you can create and air a show as often as you like. You also benefit because you are the one calling the shots and writing the content for your show. This means that you can make it as commercial as you like, unlike some of the free publicity strategies.

When creating your own radio show, you can schedule the programming to be as long or as short as you see fit. For example, you can create a one hour show which airs once per week or more.

You can also script the show to include guest speakers, or just simply be built around your business. However, it is in your best interest to create a show that is informative and entertaining because prospects always try to escape the dull, boring hum of everyday life. If your show can provide that entertainment, then your show will practically be guaranteed to succeed.

The real worth of this strategy is in your ability to get an audience filled with your target market. One of the best ways to do this is by posting a link to your radio show on your own website and on the website of your joint venture partners. You can also post your radio show ad on various other online websites where your target market hangs out.

Let me let you in on a little secret: Free publicity is the cheapest way to build your brand. But the right publicity, the kind that can generate leads, build credibility, and increase awareness in the marketplace doesn't happen by accident.

How can you gain positive national exposure that will lead prospects to your product or service? No public relations expert would ever say there isn't at least some element of chance involved in what stories get picked up and which ones don't. However, there is a way to increase the odds.

The best approach is to take a "water-drip" torture approach. Keep getting your name in front of prospects through publicity. Every droplet of attention makes a difference. After a while, your story will break through the clutter in the same way water eventually wears away a stone.

The secret to success is to be sure you're telling a story that's worth printing. The best publicity draws on one of a handful of tried-and-true themes. Newsworthy stories have something that hits you as a reader and that rises above "just the facts." Here are five can't-fail angles that the media loves:

1. Underdog. Do you have a David versus Goliath story to tell? Everybody loves an underdog: You were small and the odds against you were great, but you took on the big guys and won!  If you play this card, you might attract more attention than you ever thought you could.

2. Superman. Do you have the "first, fastest, brightest" story to tell? You don't have to be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but it would help. If you've got a truly unique story - you're the first, or the biggest, or the strongest, or the loudest - then you have a certifiably newsworthy story.

3. Cinderella. Do you have a rags-to-riches story to tell? Stories about the GWOG (Guy Working out of Garage) who strikes it rich always commands public interest. Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may represent the quintessential example of the small entrepreneur rising to greatness, but there are countless other examples.

4. Dear Abby. Do you have a "free advice" story to tell? You can't beat free counsel for building trust. Brainstorm the best tips you have to offer customers in your industry. That is the basis for an interesting article.

5. Scientist. Do you have a story based on hard facts and figures? You can assert all you want, but numbers make it real. Research - real, proprietary research carried out by you and featuring your own data - can be a great way to get attention. Conducting a survey works just fine.

Once you've got a newsworthy story, get the word out via public relations services such as PR Newswire and Business Newswire. For a price much less than snail-mail postage to the same number of outlets, your brief release will cross the country or the globe for a few hundred dollars, passing before thousands of journalists across all manner of media outlets.

Other publicity outfits will also handle distribution of your release, especially if you're a small firm or lack a dedicated staff to make contact, handle releases, or do follow-up. Services such as PR Leads will do as little or as much as you want to help you get the word out, from writing your release for a nominal fee to shaping the angle or theme of your story in ways aimed at maximizing media attention.



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