Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting Private With Public Relations - Writing Articles for Magazines and Newspapers - Part 10 of 12

The perfect marketing plan should include both paid advertising strategies and free publicity strategies. In fact, free publicity marketing strategies are much more effective in promoting your business than 99% of paid marketing strategies. However, you need both strategies in order to provide a constant stream of growth and profits

One of the best methods you can use to generate tons of free publicity for your business, without coming across as a pushy salesperson, is writing articles for newspapers or magazines. This strategy can pay huge dividends, especially when you become as the “go-to” expert for a publication that your target market reads on a regular basis.
Writing articles for magazines and newspapers not only gets you recognition from your target market, but this strategy also helps you become a magnet for other free publicity opportunities. It is a great feeling to have prospects visit your business and buy from you because you are the expert in your niche. That feeling is a lot different than having people shop your prices all over town, visit your business and receive excellent service from you, but then go and buy from somewhere else because the other business was ten cents cheaper. The best way to avoid being shopped to death is to become the obvious go-to expert for your niche.
The reason why writing articles for magazines and newspapers works so well is because we are all taught from a young age to believe what the newspapers tell us. The majority of people in our culture believe news stories as if they are the gospel. When you become part of the experts that the newspapers and magazines rely on for their information, then you become known as the expert. Your customers will begin to believe everything you tell them as factual and truthful, instead of questioning your every little move and decision.
The best way to get your articles included in a newspaper or magazine is to write three to twelve articles and have them professionally edited. You can then contact your local newspaper or target magazines and offer to be a guest writer or offer your articles for inclusion in their publication. 



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