Thursday, April 23, 2015

Branding Strategies 101 - Refining and Focusing Your Strategies

We’ve already more than touched on pre-testing, testing and narrowing your brand target in order to increase both brand recognition and returns.

Here are some strategies (many which are free) 
that you can easily employ to create 
an extensive initial campaign:

·       Webinars
·       Direct marketing (postcards, flyers)
·       Social networking integration
·       Article marketing
·       Physical, local public events
·       Blogging
·       Contests
·       PPC Advertising
·       YouTube videos
·       Email campaigns
·       Pinterest Pinboards
·       Polls
·       Charity sponsorship

Measure which of these strategies bring the most recognition and return, and narrow your focus to increasing those particular strategies.  Always consider your return on investment (ROI) when instituting paid strategies such as PPC advertising.  Do the math!



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