Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Branding Strategies 101 - Refine Your Strategies and Brand Focus

Just when you think everything is going really well, that is the time to take a good, hard look and strip away anything that is detracting from your brand.

Refining might mean increasing focus on a successful tagline or adding products to reinforce a personification, just like Travelocity did with their “Roaming Gnome” product line, or crystallizing and concentrating all of your efforts towards a particular market segment.

  • In the latter case, this could mean any of the following:
  • A hidden market you’ve discovered
  • A wildly successful market segment that is buying beyond your expectations
  • The market for a higher ticket upgrade of your product that is converting below expectations

In each case, you would tweak either your product or your promotional strategies to better please and reach the problem or desired market segment.  

It might also be simply a case of making the most of a branding element that has turned out to be a runaway success.  



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